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Traditionally, outside Ontario, CANDU nuclear power plant engineering scope has been split between Atomic Energy Canada Ltd (AECL), the supplier of the Nuclear Steam Plant (NSP), and SNC-Lavalin Nuclear, the nuclear engineering consultant for the Balance of Nuclear Steam Plant (BNSP). The Balance of Plant (BOP) engineering has been performed by SNC-Lavalin Nuclear when BOP equipment is procured in a supply contract or by the turnkey supplier of the turbine-generator as the case may be.

BNSP consists of the containment structure and airlocks, internal reactor building structures, the service building structures and all systems contained therein including cooling water, air conditioning, fire protection, compressed air, lighting, power distribution, etc. A very detailed interface document provides the limits of responsibility for each party in civil, structural, architectural, analysis, safety, process, mechanical, piping, electrical and C&I disciplines.

The BOP consists of non-nuclear buildings and systems and is quite similar to the BOP of a conventional thermal power plant: pump house, cooling water systems, water treatment plants, turbine building including the T/G set, block and other structures, steam and feed water systems, electrical power output systems and electrical auxiliary systems including standby generators. An interface document very similar to the BNSP interface document described above, is also created for the NSP and BOP.

SNC-Lavalin Nuclear maintains a core of specialists in piping and structural stress analysis, seismic analysis, HVAC, fire protection, process systems and equipment, electrical distribution, control and instrumentation, environmental qualification, security systems, radioactive decontamination and radioactive waste management - all with vast experience working with AECL.

SNC-Lavalin Nuclear produces its construction and procurement support documents with state-of-the-art hardware and software and issues specifications and drawings electronically via the internet to construction sites anywhere in the world.

Engineering and design is managed by seasoned professionals using a system of quality manuals and procedures which meet CSA N286.2 and ISO 9001:2000 requirements and have been well proven on recent large projects.


Bruce A Units 1 & 2 Steam Generator Replacement (EPC)
Tiverton, Ontario, Canada

Engineering, procurement and construction contract to replace the Steam Generators



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